How to Build Customer Trust with Adtech

By now, many of us have experienced the “uncanny” targeted marketing ads. Some are a little too on the nose, plastering ads of items you briefly clicked on weeks ago, hoping you’d take a second look. After years of this, consumers are getting weary. Certainly, much of the public may have a lax approach to online privacy, but that doesn’t mean people are enjoying their ad experience. 

How does one re-build customer trust with adtech? Let’s discuss:


Restructuring Consent 

Firstly, not everyone dislikes targeted marketing. In fact, according to the 2019 Kantar’s ‘Dimension’ study, 44% of respondents reportedly said they enjoy directly relevant ads, and find them more captivating than others. 61% reported saying they would prefer seeing ads that were directly related to their hobbies and interests. 

It’s the breaches of privacy, the targeting, and the non-relevant-yet-abrasive ads people thoroughly dislike. 

Many websites now have pop-ups where you are required to check a box of consent for storing data before proceeding. Though this helps with legal purposes, this isn’t exactly a consumer-friendly experience. Building different customer interactions that put transparency and genuine interactions in the forefront should be on top of every company’s mind when creating a website and online shopping experience.


Guiding Consumers through Different Touchpoints

Building a trustworthy data collection system means building it with the consumer in mind. The consumer wants personalized user experience with ads, as it helps them decide quicker on what items to buy, and makes the purchasing process run a lot smoother. Transparency is key at every touchpoint, showing the customer you value their privacy, time, and input. The ads should reflect what the customer’s interests are, and should be diverse enough and intuitive enough to know when the customer is no longer interested, or has additional needs.


Building Trust through Content

Before they click on a single ad, building trust with the ad itself is the first touchpoint your customer sees. Ads have enormous potential of being misleading, and not saying what you mean as a company, product, or service straight out the gate can lead to immediate distrust, with lingering skepticism. It’s important to not make promises your company can’t deliver, and be upfront about pricing, imagery, and key points. Starting off on the wrong foot means you’re already in the red.


Owning up to Mistakes 

If your company is rebuilding a brand, or there have been a few missteps in the process of building customer trust, own up to it. Address any issues as quickly as possible, and always make sure you’re working with the consumers’ best interests at heart. 

Adtech is ever-evolving on an individual, company, and policy-level basis. Keeping customers in the loop is a great first step in rebuilding trust and having a potential customer for life.

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